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We’ll spare you the necktie jokes.

It’s easy to phone it in for Father’s Day and settle for something tried-and-true (and frequently advertised). But Father’s Day falls during the best season to get outside and play with family and friends, so why not step away from the department store and gift Dad something that’s truly a breath of fresh air?

Here are nine of our favorite gifts to get dad outside enjoying himself on Father’s Day or any sunny Sunday afternoon.

Gift ideas for dad #1: Back to basics

gift ideas for dad hammock
Let dad relax for a day.

Never underestimate the power of a relaxing afternoon spent outdoors! Snag a gift that suits your father’s tastes, whether he’s a weekend warrior, backyard chef or chronic relaxer.

Lawn tools – Help dad make quick work of yard work with a new set of shears, pruners and other hand tools for the garden.

Grill supplies – If Dad’s a true grillmaster, there’s a good chance the tools he snagged when he bought that trusty Weber grill doesn’t clean like they used to. Give him a new lease on that grill’s life by picking out a deluxe set of grilling supplies: wire scrubbing brushes, tongs, a flipper, a basting — maybe even one of those wide grill baskets for veggies.

Hammock – Offer dad a new place to relax — as close or far away from the back door as he wants! This is a gift that doesn’t even require rooted posts anymore: Buy one that ties between two trees, or add a stand that lets him set up camp anywhere there’s shade or a nice breeze.

Birdwatching essentials – If pop is looking for a new hobby, help him discover one that’s really for the birds. Fill a bird feeder with seed that’s palatable to a variety of feathered friends, then snag a copy of Audubon’s Birds of America and a pair of binoculars and let Dad go to town.

Gift ideas for dad #2: Fun and games

gift ideas for dad cornhole
Cornhole is a great family-friendly game. (We’re not too fond of those colors though)

It’s no secret that American families don’t get as much face time in as they used to. (FaceTime, maybe…) So on Father’s Day, show dad you really want to spend time with him — while beating his pants off at an old-fashioned outdoor game!

Croquet set – If “Alice in Wonderland” showed us anything, it’s that croquet can be a pretty ruthless game. Channel your inner Queen of Hearts and challenge dad to an afternoon match in the grass (with cocktails, provided everyone’s of age).

Bocce ball set – You’re guaranteed hours of fun playing bocce ball with dad. And that’s AFTER the hours of fun spent actually figuring out how to play bocce ball. Yes, it’s fun for the whole family!

Cornhole – And if bocce ball is too challenging to pick up, there’s always the classic throw-the-beanbag-in-the-hole game of cornhole. It’s simple to assemble, great to play with teams and almost always more fun after a few backyard beers. Invite the neighbors for a family-to-family grudge match!

Gift ideas for dad #3: DIY — so he doesn’t have to

gift ideas for dad mow the lawn
Give pops a break for at least a day and mow the lawn for him.

Mow the lawn – Sure, it looks funny when dad’s out in the yard sweating to the oldies in his ratty shorts and stained-green tennis shoes. But we can promise you he isn’t having as much fun as you think. Offer to take responsibility for the mower for a day and watch how quickly he hands over the gas can and heads to grab the paper.

Clean the grill — and be his right-hand man for your family cookout – Chowing down makes all the work worth it during any cookout, of course, but manning the grill can actually be pretty fun, too — as long as you’ve got company. Spruce up the grill and light it up, then stand by for great family conversation as you grill those burgers and brats as a team.

What other gift ideas do you have for the dad in your life? Feel free to share your ideas and best-gifts-ever in the comments.

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